Eww Poop Soup: Leaky Pet Waste Stations Create Health Concerns

When communities allow dogs, issues with pet waste tend to follow. As unpleasant and time consuming as managing this waste may be, keeping it off the ground is an important responsibility held by the community manager.

Planning For Pet Waste In Your Community

Community managers take note: The waste resident pooches leave behind is more than just a gross and unsightly nuisance – it is an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard. When left unattended, pet waste is a detriment to local soil and water quality, and also presents a number of potential health dangers to families and their pets.

Community Pet Waste Management: What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing A Service?

When it comes to managing pet waste in your community, you might be surprised to learn just how many different options you have when choosing the right service provider. After all, it’s just dog poop, right? Not so fast.

Dog Waste, An Environmental and Community Health Concern

It is no laughing matter: failing to clean up after a dog can carry a hefty fine and penalties are going up – way up in some areas. The laws a re on the books, and more and more areas are starting to enforce them.

Steamboat Today: Dog’s Eye View: Reaching critical mass

Most of us are environmentally conscious. We recycle, leave no footprint when we camp, take our own bags to the grocery store and purchase environmentally friendly products. We work at respecting our Earth and preserving our planet for future generations. On top of that, we are critically aware of large-scale contamination and things such as the affect of oil...

Doggie Deposits, Far From Fertilizer

Dog owners take note: Contrary to popular belief, doggie deposits do not make for good fertilizer – quite the opposite in fact. Leaving pet waste on the ground or concentrating it in one specific area of the yard can seriously harm soil quality and also presents a number of potential human health hazards to families and their pets.

Long Island City Post: Center Blvd plagued by dog poop, some residents claim

Several Long Island City residents are complaining that there is a big dog poop problem in and around 45-45 Center Boulevard and they want dog owners and TF Cornerstone to clean it up. Tinnille Neilsen, who lives at 46-15 Vernon Blvd, said that there are several dog owners who live in the...

ABC News 11: Pets could be banned from Raleigh parks

A Raleigh City Council committee will consider banning dogs from sections of public parks Tuesday. The move comes after residents complained about dogs not being on leashes and animal waste that was left on athletic fields. Michael Marino and his friends have been coming out...

Capital Gazette: Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Stormwater a growing threat

One inch of rainfall on one acre of pavement causes enough polluted runoff to fill most backyard swimming pools. About 10,000 acres are paved each year in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. These figures were in a Chesapeake Bay Foundation report released Monday that calls runoff pollution a “growing threat”...

NY Daily News: Animal waste scourge prompts Bronx Park East Community Association to urge dog owners to curb their pets

Community group launches initiative to stop pet owners from letting dogs foul the sidewalks. They've adopted a no-can-doo-doo attitude in Bronx Park East. Residents there are rallying against dog owners who are turning...