Beautification of Pet Waste Station Areas: A Simple Way to Increase Usage

When it comes to keeping wayward pet waste from littering the grounds of your community, pet waste stations are an effective tool appreciated by the entire community. Consisting of a bag dispenser and a waste receptacle attached to a post, pet waste stations work because they make it easy for dog owners to do the right thing and pick up after their pet.

While pet waste stations go a long ways towards curbing community pet waste issues, there will still be some residents who fail to pick up after their dog. In these cases, a little encouragement can make a big difference. One simple method for increasing station usage is beautification of the pet waste station areas.

The first factor to consider when thinking about how to improve the aesthetics of pet waste station areas is location. In particular, the ideal placement for pet waste stations is slightly offset from the curb or sidewalk. This could be anywhere from a couple feet, up to several, depending on preference. The primary reason for offsetting stations is to provide a small berth for passersby to continue along the path while you and your dog visit the station for bag pickup or drop off. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but some neighbors may not be comfortable around them. A small buffer zone helps to ensure everyone’s personal space is respected.

With the pet waste station offset from the sidewalk, the next item to consider is a pathway from sidewalk to station. Without any type of walkway in place, the grass along this short path will quickly deteriorate and become a muddy rut every time rain begins to fall. Convenience is key with pet waste stations and most dog owners will not trudge through the mud, however short the distance, to utilize the station in poor weather conditions. To solve this problem, consider extending the sidewalk, adding a stone walkway or even simply filling the area in with small river rocks.

Once a pathway has been set, it’s time to think about beautifying the area surrounding your pet waste station with shrubs and/or flowerbeds. There is no need to attempt recreating the gardens of Versailles here, but a little effort and a few low-maintenance flowers can really spruce things up.

The benefits of improving the aesthetics of your pet waste station areas are twofold: first, it increases station usage, which decreases pet waste issues; second, it sets an example and communicates to both pet owners and non-pet owning residents alike a commitment to keeping your community clean and beautiful. When residents see the community making an effort to improve communal spaces, they become far more likely to pitch in and support the cause.

Has your community installed pet waste stations only to find that doggie deposits still end up left on the ground? Try a little beatification.

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