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The Huffington Post: There Is No Poop Fairy: A Friendly Reminder From Colorados Jefferson County Sheriffs Office

Kudos to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado for an ad-campaign that’s likely to … um … linger. On the heels of a growing number of citizens’ complaints, dog-owners in Jefferson County are being reminded that “there is no poop fairy.”

Colorado Environmental Clean Water Organizations

Learn and get involved. Here's a list of organizations in Colorado working to keep your state's environment clean and healthy for all >>

Steamboat Today: Dogs Eye View: Reaching critical mass

Most of us are environmentally conscious. We recycle, leave no footprint when we camp, take our own bags to the grocery store and purchase environmentally friendly products. We work at respecting our Earth and preserving our planet for future generations. On top of that, we are critically aware of large-scale contamination and things such as the affect of oil...
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