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Charlestown Patch: Piles of Processed Pooch Poop on Public Paths

Whenever more than 15,000 people of widely varying demographics call the same single square mile “home,” there are bound to be conflicts. Remarkably, Charlestown is consistently rated one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston. Nevertheless, one conflict stubbornly remains. I am of course referring to the errant medium-to-large sized piles of both fresh and...

Massachusetts Environmental Clean Water Organizations

Learn and get involved. Here's a list of organizations in Massachusetts working to keep your state's environment clean and healthy for all >>

MetroBoston: DoodyCalls wants to bag Boston dog waste

The Doody-Free Water Project, a new initiative that aims to keep Massachusetts’ waterways clean, will soon place thousands of free dog waste bags at the entrances of Boston-area green spaces, and organizers want residents to weigh in.
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