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Potomac Patch: DoodyCalls for Clean Yards in Potomac

It's the rare pet owner who will tell you he or she enjoys cleaning up after the dog. That's especially true if the owner has more than one dog with free rein of the yard. For those pet owners who need a little extra help when it comes to cleaning up after their pet...

The Washington Post: Cheverly leaders take steps to address problem with dog waste

After hearing complaints from residents for years about the problem, the Cheverly Town Council is proposing to install wastebaskets — complete with plastic bags that can be used for cleanup — throughout town.

Maryland Environmental Clean Water Organizations

Learn and get involved. Here's a list of organizations in Maryland working to keep your state's environment clean and healthy for all >>

Capital Gazette: Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Stormwater a growing threat

One inch of rainfall on one acre of pavement causes enough polluted runoff to fill most backyard swimming pools. About 10,000 acres are paved each year in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. These figures were in a Chesapeake Bay Foundation report released Monday that calls runoff pollution a “growing threat”...
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