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Stafford County Sun: They answer when DoodyCalls

Around this time of the year, a particular local business is on the mind of many dog owners — DoodyCalls pooper scooper service. The business serves the local areas including Stafford, Fredericksburg and parts of Prince William County. Something that many people fail to realize is that dog waste is an environmental and...

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cities want extra year before starting stormwater programs

Starting this year, Virginia is requiring local governments to run programs to reduce pollution caused by rain, and the local stormwater-management programs would be more stringent than a similar program now run by the state Department of Environmental Quality. Worried about the costs and about whether they can have the...

Virginia Environmental Clean Water Organizations

Learn and get involved. Here's a list of organizations in Virginia working to keep your state's environment clean and healthy for all >>

Inside NoVA: DoodyCalls sets sights on Northern Virginia dog poop

With sights set on raising awareness about the importance of pet waste pickup and expanding public access to pet waste bags, the new initiative is donating 250,000 pet waste bags to local dog parks and greenways across America in 2014, with Northern Virginia selected as a key focus area for the campaign.
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