The Community Voice

By Forest Frasieur
January 3, 2014

There are 78 million dogs in the United States today. They eat and then each eliminates almost a pound of poop every day.


The resulting 3.6 billion pounds of dog poop produced in a year can fill 800 footballs fields, one foot deep. This is no small nuisance. Sonoma County’s 43,000 dogs produce more than 32,000 pounds daily. Cleaning up your pet’s waste helps keep our pets, the environment and each other healthy.


Pet waste in public areas is unsightly, unsanitary and unsafe. Even pet waste left in your yard is hazardous to people, animals and the environment.  Pets, children who play outside and adults who garden are most at risk for infection from some of the bacteria and parasites found in pet waste. Diseases or parasites that can be transmitted from pet waste to humans include:


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