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Dog Waste Impacts Everyone

Education and awareness are important pieces of the pet waste management puzzle. When dog owners understand the importance of picking up after their pets and see their community supporting pet waste pickup, they become far more likely to participate and support the cause.

As part of The Doody-Free Water Projects efforts to raise awareness about the environmental impact of pet waste, our team is working to centralize all pet waste related news, resources and information from around the web.


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Become an Expert, Make a Difference

Curbing pet waste takes an entire community. Help increase awareness by sharing our Doody-Free Downloads with friends, family and neighbors on your social networks, and in real life by printing at home and posting around your community. Every scoop makes a difference.

The Doody-Free Water Project is brought to you by DoodyCalls

Scooping over 10 million doggy deposits every year, DoodyCalls is the nations leading pet waste management service for homeowners and their communities. For every scooping service purchased, DoodyCalls donates 25 pet waste bags to your community.

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