Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters

mlevMLEV is a statewide, non-partisan organization dedicated to making environmental protection a top priority for Massachusetts elected officials, candidates and voters in order to better protect our environment and health.

We hold legislators accountable for their votes on environmental issues. The political process is essential to protecting our environment and health. Who we choose to represent us in an elected position can make all the difference for the health of our environment. That’s why MLEV works to elect leaders who will protect natural environments, our health, open spaces, and quality of life.

We work to educate voters about the importance of environmental issues, so they can make their voices heard with legislators. We educate voters on the environmental actions so they may advocate effectively their legislators and make informed decisions when it comes time to vote. Additionally, we educate about the candidates that we have endorsed. MLEV offers volunteer opportunities to meet and to assist legislators and endorsed candidates for office. Join in the endeavors of the MA League of Environmental Voters for a greener Massachusetts.

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The Environmental League of Massachusetts

elmThe Environmental League of Massachusetts is dedicated to protecting the health of our environment and citizenry by safeguarding the land, water and air of our Commonwealth. ELM is focused on environmental advocacy and strengthening the voice and effectiveness of the environmental community. ELM advocates for strong environmental laws and regulations on a broad range of environmental issues, voices the concerns of citizens, ensures that laws are properly implemented and enforced, and educates the public.

We focus our resources on the state level, where we believe that our knowledge, expertise and reputation allow us to have the strongest impact. We also network and collaborate with a variety of leaders in business and government as well with other environmental nonprofits to achieve effective results.

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The Massachusetts Rivers Alliance

mraThe Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore rivers across the Commonwealth. A related goal for us is to strengthen, connect, and empower individuals and organizations working to protect rivers in our state. The Alliance has both individual and organizational members.

The Alliance works closely with member organizations and other partners to protect rivers and streams across the Commonwealth.  We are currently focusing our efforts on protecting stream flow – making sure rivers have enough water in them – and improving stormwater management – reducing pollution from road runoff and other “non-point” sources.

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The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition

mwcThe Coalition works with community partners across Massachusetts. Our mission is the protection and restoration of watershed ecosystems to sustain healthy rivers, streams, lakes, water supplies, terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Formed in 1991, we have three primary goals:

  • Strengthen the work and knowledge of community groups;
  • Raise public awareness of land and water management issues;
  • Improve policies and decisions affecting rivers and their watersheds.

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Massachusetts Clean Water Action

CleanWaterActionClean Water Action, an organization of 1 million members, organizes grassroots groups and coalitions to protect America’s waters, build healthy communities and support environmental legislation and political candidates. Created in 1972, Clean Water Action focuses on canvassing and gaining support for political issues and candidates. It is a 501(c)(4) organization. Its counterpart, the Clean Water Fund is dedicated to research and education and is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Environment Massachusetts

EMAEnvironment Massachusetts is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. We believe there’s something special about Massachusetts—something worth protecting and preserving for future generations. Whether it’s the gentle current of the Charles River, the waves crashing off Cape Cod, or the rustle of leaves as you walk through your local forest, Massachusetts’s natural wonders enrich our lives in countless ways.

Yet the places we love and the environmental values we share are too often threatened by powerful industries, short-sighted politicians and more. Defending our environment requires independent research, tough-minded advocacy and spirited grassroots action. That’s the idea behind Environment Massachusetts. Together with thousands of supporters from all walks of life, we take the kind of action that wins tangible results for our environment.

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