• I Need More - Single MP3 Download

I Need More - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2016-05-06

Title Time

 I Need More


    • Ckmyra 2345

      I miss the old Mario this sounds like the stupid rapper nowadays he not even really singing on here smh

    • R & B hottie

      I absolutely love Mario's new single " I need more" . This song is definitely a club banger. I haven't taken it out of rotation since I downloaded it.

    • Duckyyyxo

      The only reason people dislike it so much is because it's a different style than his other old songs. Its 2016 people get with it. I mean he just came back give him a break!

    • Na+a£¥a

      I love everything you've done from 02 to now. You still got it babe! It's perfect, from the beat, to the lyrics, down to your voice. I love this song I can imagine how the rest of the album sounds.

    • Smufted up

      Much love for Mario! Been fallowing this Paradise Cove album that's gonna drop the end of this year. I'm ready! Bringing back that soul in this dying age of good r&b

    • Shaunte3028

      This Song Is So Lit🔥🔥🔥 Right Now

    • watts42

      I love Mario's voice and his R&B roots. I can't see him as a rapper or any other genre. I hope he finds his R&B roots again and give up trying to venture into rap.

    • Misscherokee

      Glad he's back!!

    • Fatmaz

      Please go back to music from the heart and soul!

    • Jay-Diva

      I like it because it's new and you can't just stick to one thing. Yes it's not what anyone expected but that's what make you different! You keep us (your fans) on our toes. And it's just good I love you Mario 😍💯