• Sessions@AOL - EP MP3 Download

Sessions@AOL - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Sean Paul

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2006-03-14

Title Time

 Gimme the Light (Live)


 Get Busy (Live)


 Like Glue (Live)


 Temperature (Live)


 We Be Burnin' (Live)


 Never Gonna Be the Same (Live)


    • codybg1986

      where's his new single????:-)

    • dilboy is god!

      i myself dont really believe sean paul did this. just like other reviewers said, these songs are wrong pitched and just plain weird. dont waste your money on this album.

    • AKfan93

      I thought it was pretty good. I bought 3 of the songs and I liked them. There's a little more of Jigzag's singing (that I don't care for) than there should have been, but I thought Sean Paul did good. Everybody screws up but he sounded really good. It shows his voice and talent off more. In Temperature, he sounded like he was runnin' out of breath and Never Gonna Be the Same as well as Get Busy didn't sound much different from the album so I didn't buy those three. But, We be Burnin', Like Glue, and Gimme the Light sound different from the album and I recommend them to any Sean Paul fan.

    • cppengi

      Sean Paul's music is great....but not this mixed up version! The original version sounds better and much more like sean, were as this doesn't sound like his music at all!!!!! DO NOT waste your money on this junk!!!!

    • Troiboi926

      I like Sean, but this is just plain terrible!!!!!!! I have never heard sean so bad!!!!!

    • Ashes101

      Sean Paul is an awesome artist. My whole family blasts the radio when one of his songs comes on. Our favorite is Temperature. Go Sean Paul

    • Drew V

      Well Worth 6 buxs. I no they dont sound normel but they'r'e awesome and whoever thought it was less than 4 stars is a loser(no offence). ps - I wrote this fairly quickly so dont mind the spelling.

    • xsuzyxqx

      I LOVE love LOVE Sean Paul, but him live.. ugh... leave him in the studio where they can mix the voice as it should be...don't waste yoiur money on these....

    • babybear06

      Love the songs...But not when they are live!!!

    • c,Alexandra.

      i'm sorry i like sean paul and everything and don't get me wrong but what is with these AOL sessions they sound really bad!! and this isn't just sean paul this is a lot of other musical artists. but in this version of tempature he changed the beat of the song and it sounded like he couldn't breathe. hopefully this was just a bad day for for to have done the AOL sessions? Who knows?if you agree with me on this click yes