• Hurtin' Me - The EP MP3 Download

Hurtin' Me - The EP MP3 Download

Artist: Stefflon Don

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2018-01-12

Title Time

 Hurtin' Me (feat. Sean Paul, P


 Hurtin' Me




 16 Shots


    • RogueXdarkPhoenix

      ... good beats tho

    • Pinky sf

      This is how you know people are dumb when it comes to music. Stop calling it an album. It says IT EP. it’s not an album. It’s not a single but an EP meaning it has more songs to be considered a single but has less song to be considered an album.

    • Jerome Staton

      Phenomenal piece of Sonics.

    • The K00zy


    • Denisha40

      But the music Makes no sense I can’t get in to it idk what’s not clicking if she can’t find her grove she’s not going to be around long........

    • JP6232

      Sorry...no talent.

    • Thewiffle

      Really good

    • Balldinho

      Her tweets were disgusting against dark skin women! Refuse to support her

    • Seeking1

      I can’t stand her song. Her voice is crazy annoying. I wish the radio stop playing this mess. I only gave it one star so this can be on a review.

    • Oceans22

      Part of it sounds like summer time pop the other sounds like garbage mumble rap.