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Catacombs MP3 Download

Artist: Like a Storm

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2018-06-22

Title Time

 The Devil Inside


 Out of Control








 The Bitterness


 Until the Day I Die


 Hole in My Heart


 Bullet In the Head


 These Are the Bridges You Burn


 Pure Evil


    • 2w forever

      This song is the greatest loved them when I got to see them # wisco

    • Don in Detroit

      Best Rock LP to come out in years in my opinion. Every track is strong. Can't stop listening. My go to at the gym every time!

    • LadyReaper10

      I heard this band for the first time on SiriusXM Octane and I’ve been a fan ever since! These guys are from New Zealand so they don’t get much airtime on local stations but I can tell you that they should, because they rock!! Can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

    • hey_8745

      Hadn’t heard these guys until I saw them open for Shinedown and Godsmack. The first band from New Zealand that I can recall listening to. They are great live, and this album is a testament to their creativity and energy. Give them a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Delta Hayes

      I’ve adored everything this band has put out, so I had unrealistically high expectations for this album. Awaken the Fire is one of my all-time favorite albums by any artist and the style that album carries is what I live for in this genre. Chris Brooks has one of my favorite voices in this genre and his versatility shines on this album. He can go from screams to soaring melodic vocals with the drop of a dime. I adore that they keep adding more and more of the didgeridoo and continue incorporating it into the whole sound of the album. “The Devil Inside” was the perfect promotional single for the album. It’s quickly become my favorite song of theirs. I was in absolute euphoria listening to this album front to back as not a single song disappointed me. Songs like “Pure Evil” and “Bullet In The Head” are heavy and dark, delicious gems. They are the most melodic metal band I’ve come across and it sets the bar high for any newcomers for me. I can’t say a single negative thing about this album, and trust me, I tried to find something to criticise for review purposes. I can’t, it’s genuinely a fantastic album by a fantastic band who deserve more recognition. I mean come on, didgeridoo metal!



    • Balob

      YES!!! I absolutely love this sound!! Instant download.

    • SmileytheDog17

      Good as rest of their music 😏😈.

    • Swol Joel

      This is the true definition of hardcore rock right here. Like a Storm has the best hardcore songs on this album!!

    • Firefightermedic

      This was a pleasant surprise. A solid album from beginning to end.