• Mad Love: The Prequel MP3 Download

Mad Love: The Prequel MP3 Download

Artist: Sean Paul

Genre: Reggae

Release Date: 2018-06-29

Title Time

 Naked Truth (feat. Jhené Aiko


 Bad Love (feat. Ellie Goulding


 Mad Love (feat. Becky G)


 Jump On It


 Tip Pon It


 Jet Plane Trip (feat. Stefflon


 Body (feat. Migos)


 Tek Weh Yuh Heart (feat. Tory


 No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa)


    • Selecta konrad

      Body ft migos my favorite

    • Vegeta1101

      Whenever I hear s.p I know good vibes and summer is coming! Stop sleeping in this man! #duttyyo

    • MMS Boggie

      Every song on this is tight. Really solid album no need to skip any tracks.

    • Robert T. Koehler

      I used to be a huge SP fan in the 2000s, and have his first 3 albums. Then I kind of forgot about him for a while. Then I started following him on Instagram, and learned about this album, so I bought it. This is a solid album. Even though they are calling it an EP, I think this is up to the same quality as a full studio album, and to be honest I’d rather have 9 great songs than 15 mediocre ones. The sound is different, much more modern. But at the same time, it has that classic Sean Paul edge that you expect. Is it as good as Dutty Rock? No. But then again I’m not all that into the type of music you hear on the radio nowadays.

    • dus kipa fan


    • kvinalove

      I love this song! VIBES!

    • DJEA92

      When Rockabye, Hair and Cheap Thrills blew up he had a hell of a career resurgence the past couple years. After hearing this EP i'm convinced he's one song away from a full comeback

    • The Wayno Show

      Sean Paul is back with an incredible international dancehall/reggae EP that sticks to basics while showcasing his ability to appeal to a global audience. Any Sean Paul would love this EP. I can also see some new fans enjoying this groovy collection of dancehall hits that will keep the party going for the rest of summer and beyond.

    • lifeshardthenyoudie

      Good summer jams👍

    • davetta haywood 11

      This is literally awesome