• Serpents of the Light MP3 Download

Serpents of the Light MP3 Download

Artist: Deicide

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 1997-01-01

Title Time

 Serpents of the Light


 Bastard of Christ


 Blame It On God


 This Is Hell We're In


 I Am No One


 Slave to the Cross


 Creatures of Habit


 Believe the Lie


 The Truth Above


 Father Baker's


    • fitterdata

      I'm not sure why, but this album is never at the top of any Deicide best of. In my opinion, it's their best. It was the most metal.

    • DisguisedCrows

      This album was the one that GOT ME into death metal. The riffs are amazing and the brutal vocals fit them perfectly. Match that with semi-understandable Satanic lyrics and you got yourself a winner. Give it a listen!!

    • Ouachita Native

      So, opinions seem to be varied on this album. Several reviewers have said it's not their favorite, but this album was my first exposure to Deicide, and shortly thereafter I saw them on tour in support of this LP. Perhaps that is why it remains one of my favorites. The thing that really stands out about this release is the clarity of Glen's vocals. The guitars and drums are as tight and intense as any of the previous or subsequent releases; but being able to clearly decipher the hatred and perhaps even scream along just elevates this record for me. On later endeavors, Glen seemed to evolve towards the typical "cookie monster" growl, spewing out the same indecipherable lyrics found on so many death metal records. Not that I don't love that too, but this album will always be the one I throw on when I want to join in the chant and scream till my horns emerge. Hail Satan!

    • demonballs

      one of the best death metal albums...fu**@ng classic!!!

    • Mtlhd13

      An amazing album with many great songs, such as Blame it on God and Serpents of the Light. Also, an underrated masterpiece is Father Baker's. GET FATHER BAKER'S PLEASE!

    • scath663

      this has to be deicides best album ever. not a singl one beets it. if there is a album for deicide beginers it has to be this one

    • CurseTheFlesh

      They're new stuff has some okay songs in mixed like Homage for Satan and stuff like that, but to me this is Deicide at their g'damn peak. Amazing guitar, even if it is rather simple, they add something that just F**king blows me away. great album.

    • SergeA.Storms

      This was the last great album with the Hoffman brothers before their descent! All the other albums after this & before The Stench of Redemption (which quite frankly may be their Best Album Ever) should not be counted as part of Deicide's catalog! In Glen & Steve's defense that was a dark period of time for the band apparently due to the Hoffman's unhappiness with their contract with the label & wanting out of it! I hate to say anything negative of the Hoffman brothers after all they are part of 4 excellent albums with Deicide,this being one of them!

    • Horgh

      Sure, it's nowhere near as feral or complex as the genre-defining Legion, but this is still a great album. You can really hear a certain strain of black metal mixed in with Deicide's patented death/thrash. The guitar tone is killer on this one.

    • Goddamn Electric

      Every other Deicide fan I have ever talked to has told me that Legion was there best album, so I listened to it and....didn't like it. I guess i'm just weird. But regardless, this album is full of Deicides killjesushailsatanburnupsiddowncrossesintoforehead spirit. Glen Benton at his finest, with guitar riffs from the firey underworld that indefinately has a private suite jsut for the Deicide boys, much to their delight. Lyrically, it's the same formula of anti-Christianlty and pro-Thestic Satanism that Deicide is known for. Th 2 exceptions to this would be "Creatures of Habit" which seems to be about freeloaders and con-artists (just a guess) and, to a lesser extent "Father Bakers" which is about the strict punishment in Catholic schools (though, it was a bit exagerated). The guitars are what won me over with the Hoffman brothers laying down the sinister riffs and solos that do the Devil proud. Favorite Tracks: "I Am No One", "Slave To The Cross" and "Believe The Lie"