• Once Upon the Cross MP3 Download

Once Upon the Cross MP3 Download

Artist: Deicide

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 1995-01-01

Title Time

 Once Upon the Cross


 Christ Denied


 When Satan Rules His World


 Kill the Christian


 Trick or Betrayed


 They Are the Children of the U


 Behind the Light Thou Shall Ri


 To Be Dead


 Confessional Rape


    • Oziel ozie

      In my opinion this is the best album they made

    • Misc asks hajj

      I listen to this album in my earbuds at church or at night when I'm going to sleep.. It really helps me feels more in touch with the lord. Well, see ya later!

    • bigboi49

      This album may have been released in the mid 90's but it is absolutely ferocious even by today's standards. The guitar work of the hoffman brothers is mencaing and Benton's vocals are mean and savage here. A must have for extreme metal listeners.

    • moneyman

      Production value is good. Lyrics? Meh... They come across like a parody! Very much reminding the listener of actor 'Jack Black', when he does metal. Musically? Very derivative and one dimensional. Mediocre at best. Listen, if you want to hear true high calibre Death Metal perfection, you need to pay attention to Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Entombed, Hate Eternal, Dismember, etc. This list goes on and on... Unfortunately, it does NOT include Deicide. Musically and vocally, there is nothing here to elate the listener. While Deicide is one of the earlier purveyors of the genre, they have always sounded very basic, and 2nd rate for sure!

    • ChuckFeltner

      One of George Marino's best mastering jobs. R.I.P.

    • deaththrasheavyblavk

      Recommanded for TRUE deicide fans, I recommand this album, its a really good deicide album!! Quite brutal, too.

    • Gwar96

      This is a kickass ablum........METAL FOREVER

    • L0rd Ecyrbeuss

      Ok, Not sure how rates this stuff, BUT... Deicides best albums ars Once Upon the Cross, & Legion,the former being thair most gutterly brutal, the ladder, thair most chaotic, from Legions errie opening, into "satans spawn..." Behead the prophet(brutal guiter riff) & In hell I burn, leave no doubt that Glen Benton, is Satans #1 buddy,- Once upon the Cross, is wher they mastered thair Heavy Doom riffs, like when satan rules his world, They are the children of the underworld(my fave) to behind the light thou shall rise, these are heavy doomlayden tracks,that will pound the crap out of weak sensabilities of any biblethumper., but after serpents os the light, they kinda started to fall alittle short,no more than 1, maby 2 tracks off thair subsaquent albums have been what I would call "good Deicide", but at least they are still at it after 10 studio aldums, so to all thair critics SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CALMM

      A brutal classic from one of the most brutal bands ever produced!!! \OO/

    • SergeA.Storms

      Deicide's Third Masterpiece & my personal favorite! One of the Best Death Metal albums ever recorded! Yet another important piece of this Genre's history! Essential