• Let Me Love You - Single MP3 Download

Let Me Love You - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2004-09-21

Title Time

 Let Me Love You


    • michaeljackson_mariahcarey

      Lol forgot how much I love this song

    • stephanopolis27

      I was thirteen when this came out and it blew me away and it still does today. 😍

    • Stefanii92

      I hear this song again! I was 13 when I heard it in middle school this song brings me back good memories (: Not relationship ones.. Just in general good memories from my childhood.

    • :/:;()$&@".,?!'.,?!'

      I'm only getting "Let me love you" because Zayn sang it for his xfactor audition  Love you Zayn!!! :)

    • -AwSoMe(-:

      Loovvee this song it's been my favorite song since I was like 7 and still is!such a great songg!

    • BritMusiChick

      Heard this when I was little, my favorite song by Mario will never change... "Let Me Love You"...................

    • Anthony650

      man i used to love singing this song. i was only 8 at the time this came out. Forever a classic!

    • outerbrinks

      Best Song Ever Hands Down!

    • Weezydrizzybaby

      This song is awesome but what is up with the artwork? Its just a picture of Mario!! I thought there was actual artwork for this song!!

    • Sexybitches

      Iz da best nd iz my FAVE!<3