• Turning Point MP3 Download

Turning Point MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2004-12-06

Title Time

 18 (feat. Cassidy)


 Let Me Love You


 Couldn't Say No


 Boom (feat. Juvenile)


 How Could You


 Girl I Need (feat. Cham)


 Call the Cops


 Here I Go Again


 Nikes Fresh Out the Box




 Like Me Real Hard




 Let Me Love You (Remix) [feat.


    • Smoove N Coo

      Album came out back when i was in the 4th grade in the 04-05 year! i remember ridin in the car goin to Wal Mart to get the slim version of the PS2 with this album playin!!! Playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas everyday!! GOTTA HAVE THOSE WHITE NIKES FRESH OUT THE BOX‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Everybody want to know her name.....

    • TXUSA72

      The name Scott Storch needs to be added here. The ever talented producer (50 cent, Beyoncé, Fat Joe,..) put his mark on the super smooth Let Me Love You. The song has been stuck in my ear since day one and hasn’t aged a bit.

    • ScarsThatStay

      No One Will Love Me. I Will Stay With My Cat There Was No Point In Reading This. If Your Still Reading, Look Down Below Great Surprise Thanks For Wasting About 30 Seconds On My Useless Review That Has Nothing To Do With Anything :]

    • Erikafancypants


    • Eliza |-/

      AHHH I love this song! It's so relatable and catchy! Being a HUGE twenty one pilots fan, I watched a video on YouTube of twenty one pilots' member Tyler Joseph lip syncing to this song with his brother and I died. It still is my all time favorite video on YouTube. I really started to like this song after listening to it so much so I downloaded it and I'm in love with it! It's totally worth the buy!

    • BreezoDa2nd


    • KeviousMonae

      I grew up listening to him and STILL listen to him he's the best

    • Lorenzo_12

      How do I breath when Im not listening to let me love you? Lol waiting on the next album!

    • snugsevolderf

      The fact that I'm listening to this in 2012 explains it all.

    • Joselito 117

      I miss Mario has a great voice and brings up some good memories...