• How Do I Breathe - Single MP3 Download

How Do I Breathe - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2007-06-05

Title Time

 How Do I Breathe


    • BigO#10

      This song reminds me of someone special from a long time ago. I love this song!

    • Heyheyhey22kim

      Love this song....

    • Tay Rocks!

      I have never been a girl who like R&B music. This song just maybe one of the all time sweetest though. Mario COMPLETELY changed my mind (with help from Eamon) possibly the 2 best I have ever heard when it comes to this genre.

    • kingstonlover

      This is a steal at 99 cents. Great voice and great lryics.

    • moviegrrl123

      i hadn't heard of mario until i bought a sean kingston song and this showed up on the genius recomendations and i fell in love with it. mario truly deserves more attention that he gets. the lyrics are meaningful, not just random words like other R&B songs.

    • BeautyGirl Taylor48

      All them artists who don't like your music is because they is haten that's why they all steal peoplez songz is because so that they think it's new and so they get more hits than everybody else. So don't let them tell you your musics bad, cuz it's not.

    • sllhott

      i really like this song because it tells the truth or reality about how some people really feel.

    • dfeiloakitau

      I LOVE THIS SONG. it is sooooooo touching and i love it

    • Andallison

      This song is truly fantastic!!! Mario is hot and he has a beautiful voice!! Every note was hit perfectly, and his smooth, calming voice adds flavor to the song. This song is a MUST BUY!

    • ↓Music Man╗

      if u didnt understand the title being gr9 is 1 better than gr8...neway Mario, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo are the most real singers i no. they all have 1 song where they r missing sum1 in their life... those three should join and sing a few songs 2gether that wood b awesome!!!the best 3 singers alive (in R&B/Soul) wood have a killer song...