• Mario MP3 Download

Mario MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2002-01-01

Title Time

 Just a Friend 2002




 Braid My Hair


 2 Train


 What Your Name Is


 Holla Back


 Could U Be


 Put Me On


 Chick wit da Braids




 Girl in the Picture


    • StarBaby❤️💜💜❤️

      It's 2014 & I will still blast this album all over my crib!!!

    • Brett II

      Every song on this album is great From "Just a Friend 2002' to "Girl in the Picture", this album is just a classic. My favorite song is "What Your Name Is" bcuz its so deep!!!

    • DayjaMontana.

      Man I'm a younging & music like this is what I really love . I was only 5 when I heard this album. I listen too this album when I just wanna relax & chill. Albums like this bring back memories when I was little . This album deserves more stars than this .

    • AjaBeauty

      Man this brings back memories 😁😁😍😍 I was like 11

    • BornIn86

      Brings back memories for real..02, I was 16.. Bout to be 27 in a couple days and this makes me feel old lol....I remember chillin wit chicks and them lovin it..

    • Ash Vee Catch'em All

      Love this album! Brings me back to child hood back in those elementry days. By far one of the most memorable albums in my childhood. ^_^

    • Hey tell user

      This cd is timeless owned it years ago missed it when it was borrowed and never returned now loving it more than ever

    • COYA1

      This is most def the best album of Mario's. I remember all of the songs and listen to this album like everyday at the age of 8... Luv It!!!

    • GQS428

      Not really what I was expecting, but it was Mario's debut album of course. His sophomore album, which I have was much better. I'm only goona rate this one about 3 stars. Sorry Mario, but if it makes any difference you did make up for it on your second album. Gary....

    • PrettyBB

      I have loved this vocie since I was 12 years old and it all started with cd!! 20 STARS