• How Do I Breathe - Single MP3 Download

How Do I Breathe - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2007-08-07

Title Time

 How Do I Breathe (Featuring Ca


    • LoveDsong

      I love love love Mario, along with all his music! I got to meet him in Vegas! Sings the same as his albums, just like all artists should. This is definitely one of my favorite songs, he gets 10 stars in my book!

    • Mdlook

      once more,love song : old love GW" great song listing to this over 100time.

    • live_laugh_love

      I think that this song is really good. In the song, Mario shows his feelings in it. That shows true feelings. And besides, it's not any of that junky stuff that people make. Good Job :)

    • <3 K3LLY CLARK50N

      this is an awesome song and part of an awesome album its not like that soulja boy crap "YOOOUUU" or "Ay Bay Bay" this actually good. yes, BUY. HOw can i breathe without this awesome song?

    • Sean Taylor 36

      she is in my 2 pd class stone middle school. i hope u r reading this jakie.

    • baller1223453243245

      this is sofa king good buy it

    • hustler H8R

      I Luv this song because it totally explains the feeling you get when your girl friend or boy friend just broke up with you... shout out to all my ex-girlfriends; This 1's 4 U!

    • VerizonSexy

      1st of all it broke my heart wen cassidy got arrested but i thank God he is bak.His musik mite be wack to sum ppl but i like it and i respect it and him. Secondly, i dont know if he wrote his second part in this song but i LOVE it. And i luv his music and Marios which makes this song Phenonomem!I LUV THIS SONG BUY IT! ANd keep your eyes peeled for My Drink n my 2 Step. It's Hot Cassidy's Hot. And Cass is back. I wouldnt be able to rate this song on any scale It's to good. It's my Jam.lol. It's not allll that, but its good enough to buy. LOL.

    • Adam Chartrand

      I would recomment this song to anyone. I am not into the whol rap scene and I appreciate music that is still easy to listen to as well as somethin very modern!

    • Casholly

      this is on of my favorite songss. i love it and you are soo cutee. :)