• That's How I Go (feat. Lil John & Mario) - Single MP3 Download

That's How I Go (feat. Lil John & Mario) - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Baby Bash

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2008-12-23

Title Time

 That's How I Go


    • fjfjfj2

      ehhhh ok i guess

    • jaizadon

      He done......jacked a bow wow beat ..peep .. EIGHTEEN by bow wow same beat.

    • PinkSassieCassie

      This is just a feel good song! Makes me wanna go cruisin with my windows down

    • Jai Girl

      We already know it sound like eighteen but they are the same amount of good so shut up.

    • Muhgunzkill

      If only everybody knew about this

    • Exquisitekid323

      Baby bash was alot better when he released The Smokin' Nephew not that this next album isn't going to be good but i miss the mellow beats

    • blah boy

      Your all right I searched it and they sound exactly alike.

    • Daisha.Wayshaa

      this does sound like the song Eighteen by Bow Wow, But in this song they used teh beat better than Bow Wow


      but BABY BASH songs kills bow wow eighteen............bow wow beat is weak compare to this one

    • made mogul

      Ok the song is cool.... but this beat is the same beat to Bow Wow's "Eighteen" of his wanted album! Like I wonder why Bow hasnt said anything. Oh well. Still a good song.