• Headboard (feat. Mario & Plies) - Single MP3 Download

Headboard (feat. Mario & Plies) - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Hurricane Chris

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2009-09-03

Title Time

 Headboard (feat. Mario & Plies


    • PrincessJasminexlove

      If mario just sung this song it would be better! A good beat wasted!!

    • D-Balla5

      i'd just like to point out to lucky#1 and bjones25 that this song isn't a rap song. it is hip-hop or r&b. hurricane chris isn't really a rapper, he is a hip-hop artist. soulja boy does sometimes think he's a rapper and when he tries it he isn't very good, but "Soulja Girl" by him proves he's not a rapper, but a hip-hop artist anyway, great song, sweet beat...lyrics are decent :)

    • x IK IR A IN IK

      wow just wow

    • Skootz!

      umm is this the version where at the end of the main verse when it goes: gotcha body screamin like-er err errr err er- or is it just like ohh ohh oo.? cuz theres two different versions and it cuts the part off in the clip..

    • NJ Smooth

      A BIG STINKY PILE OF CRAP WITH A MILLION FLIES!!!! I dont even know why I previewed this song

    • EvaLewenski

      I luv this song. Haters kill urself! Peace. Love. And wet sheets... LMAO!!!!!!!

    • G-Status :]

      Guys...the world changes. Ideas change, fads change, life changes, music changes. It really isnt that bad. Its pretty good actually. You arent gonna get Eazy E, or Dre, or Pac or Biggy because they arent around anymore. Be open to what comes next. It's not a bad song. Good lyrics, just missing maybe one or two things.

    • Jross29

      yall quit hatin cause yall are old and not used to modern "rap"


      yo thisis just straightcrap man.hip hop truly aint even hip hop no more man.the true essence of hip hop went with b.i.g in his grave

    • Tpayne1989

      Granted, I hate most of the crap that Hurricane Chris puts out because it's total BS, but I do kind of like this track with the mix of Mario in the Hook because it has a smooth flow and doesn't sound like every other just dumb track he releases