• Thinkin' About You - Single MP3 Download

Thinkin' About You - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2009-09-17

Title Time

 Thinkin' About You


    • nissibissi

      i really love this song, the beat, the lyrics, the singer =)

    • ***superstar4life***

      This is great one of the best i have heard of Mario. Love the beat. xoxoxoxox

    • Kayla3592

      this song is great! his voice is amazing! sooo glad mario is finally making a new album.

    • MissLadi94

      This song is GREAT. I LOVE IT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • melissa-do

      I wonder if he went out with Rihanna??? U heard on the radio

    • NightBalla727

      this is a great song as is on iTunes hwoever I downloaded a version of this song a long time ago and it included Ace Hood. If this one had Ace on it then it would get 5 stars still great song.


      iT's Okay...Heard Better From Him

    • goplay123

      Mario always delivers smooth vocals and a good beat to move to.

    • PrettyBB

      Anything Mario has too be good <3 xoxo

    • derekjeter2

      First of all, I was shocked to find out how good this song was. i didn't know that Mario had good beats or lyrics at all and i was shocked when i started tapping my feet and nodding my head on the subway to work. It has a good flow to it and i just kept on repeating it on my ipod. I don't want to get sick of it too fast but its a great song. It reminds me of the Chris Brown song: Forever. its a great song and i recommend getting it!