• My Bed - Single MP3 Download

My Bed - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Mario

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2011-07-08

Title Time

 My Bed


    • MysticRogue

      uuhhh this is definately not your style....i remember when you were 15 and 18...and this not you.....

    • TheLifeofCameron

      It's not like his other hits... #you can do better

    • 123iloveyou

      Don't get me wrong, i'm in love with Mario! & i love this song just like his other songs! But, i miss the Mario that is singing about how he loves a girl & wants to give her everything he can. He sings about what girls WISH they could hear from any guy. But this ; is just opposite. I respect him for trying something different, & it's good! But, i wish he'd come out with his orginal style that makes him so unique. Love you Mario! You'll come out with a song that people will blow up on the radio soon! i promise!

    • Ja'nita

      Like seriously Mario... this is NOT you. Stop trying to be someone your not. Seems like all of his released major songs are wack & its the unreleased undergroud stuff that is amazing.

    • PCTheGreatest

      This sounds like a song Trey Songz would do. That should have been good enough reason NOT to do it. Mario is a far better singer and I hope that he can find finally get his footing and be the star that he's supposed to be.

    • 1258akayuja

      Love this song

    • Miss.Shann.Spencer

      Question: Mario what are you doing? You know this aint even your style! We love artist for there own individual style. Someone that can bring something FRESH to the table... this is not it! This songs songs like something that Trey did... or should have done on his LAST album. JUST CUT IT OUT KID... stick to what you know before we all forget who you are!

    • KenCi

      As much love as i have for Mario, i respect that this is the music he digs at the moment. But i personally want to hear his singing as he is a one of a kind crooner. Song is ok..

    • juniorthegreat

      Mario has always been underrated. That's evident. This song had potential. The only thing I think it was missing was like 16 bars from a rapper. If Drake, Wayne or Nikki would of done it this song would be FIRE.

    • Knoq-Phenom

      Mario will always be a BEAST! He's one a very few artist that can cross over between genres. Solid song, and I'm glad he doesn't make the same type of music all of the time! I like it!