• Tomahawk Technique MP3 Download

Tomahawk Technique MP3 Download

Artist: Sean Paul

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2012-04-09

Title Time

 Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jord


 She Doesn't Mind




 What I Want


 Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)


 Dream Girl


 Hold On


 How Deep Is Your Love (feat. K


 Roll Wid Di Don


 Touch the Sky (feat. DJ Ammo)


    • Cubanisima89

      I'm fall in love, I like all Sean's music but this one is my favorite .

    • LColbe

      This album isn't his best but my favorite song is got 2 luv u.

    • colout99

      a wonderful album. that is all.

    • Abuankhamun

      Sean Paul is taking Reggae to different avenues and heights.

    • the guy riting this


    • Selena Fun

      I <3 She Doesn't Mind

    • _Hawklance

      This is watered down for the masses. Only Roll Wid Di Don has dancehall sound. I'm not pleased with the new direction. Unfortunately, his live show last Sat. wasn't very impressive, either. Plus, he screwed us on VIP meet & greet tickets, which the promoter is refunding. After 10 years, I have stopped supporting Sean Paul.

    • G-ManT

      What happened to Sean Paul? Dance is not his fitting. What happened to his awesome reggae-rap street fusion? And what's with his hair? His dreads were better. He used to be great... Why is everybody doing dance music today? I don't like it. Where is Sean Paul?

    • $ierr@

      I love Sean Paul

    • xTaylorGangx0

      he makes fun dance music! i loveee the songs How Deep is Your Love & Touch The Sky! How Deep is Your Love was stuck in my head the whole day after the first time i heard it. Touch The Sky makes me wanna get up and dance! Good job Seann :)