• Tomahawk Technique (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Tomahawk Technique (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Artist: Sean Paul

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2012-04-09

Title Time

 Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jord


 She Doesn't Mind




 What I Want


 Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)


 Dream Girl


 Hold On


 How Deep Is Your Love (feat. K


 Roll Wid Di Don


 Touch the Sky (feat. DJ Ammo)


 Put It On You (Bonus Track)


 Wedding Crashers (Bonus Track)


 Touch the Sky (feat. DJ Ammo)


    • D Redd

      I like the fact that they (Atlantic) included "Roll Wid Di Don" and "Wedding Crashers" with Future Troubles. Keep it REAL!

    • Kywalker31

      I love it!! Sean Paul always has good music out and it's always catchy. Keep it up!!

    • jrock206

      Pop-(recycled) 90's techno-autotuned-soulless-garbage... Can't wait for this "music' trend to end...who buys this stuff?

    • @ThaJet2

      haha This is is dope, new album from Sean Paul, and I didn't realize he had a new album out this year until the end of the year!!! I wish this would have had more promotion behind it. Sean Paul is always on point with the harmonies on all his songs!!!!

    • cascantedf

      Yo! This is a great album. Just shows how well SP can adapt to today's music. It's very futuristic stuff for Dancehall music. Probably the only track I'm not too big about is 'Dream Girl' but the rest are awesome. My favorite ones are 'She Doesn't Mind' & 'Roll Wid Di Don'. Definitely worth your money peps!

    • brizbe95

      its been a while sean paul. I love this album. This is different from all his other ones and its awesome!

    • Sexy mochachino brown

      What happened? This is a mess lol!

    • NicoleAngel0935

      I'm little upset, I didn't know he had a new album out, happy he's back, missed him

    • emmy2617

      very good album, all the songs are great from the first to last, u wouldn't wanna skip a track, def worth yr money