• Other Side of Love - Single MP3 Download

Other Side of Love - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Sean Paul

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2013-06-10

Title Time

 Other Side of Love


    • emmy2617

      sean paul is still popping in europe and around the world apart from north america, why i dont know, this song got a good rhythm and crazy beats with beautiful melodies, five stars for me

    • Thomas Rodano

      Keep it up bro! You keep spreading the word!

    • Nateboy96

      Ever I since I've listened to Sean Paul, I have really enjoyed his music and just how he has his music sound. His last single was very good and I still listen to it today. However I personally think that this song is bery good especially for him. I recommend purchasing this song. Let's all just hope that his album comes out awesome because he's off to a great start.

    • Craigm41089


    • boah2010

      Finally a sean paul song Different but good. You can actually understand what he is saying he stinks live though. Better recording artist for sure

    • xtalentoso

      Its got a good comfy vibe its not too pop its not too simple its just right. Satisfied to the max glad Seans back!

    • datbelieber4ever<3

      Seans back !

    • maguilera

      Living for the song.

    • OneLove420Bug

      XO! ❤💛💚

    • GabD.

      I actually really like this song! It's not a dumb pop (you know the ones I'm talking about-those cheesy repetitive ones) song, it's catchy, and it shows a different side of Sean Paul in his music in a good way!