New York Daily News

JANUARY 15, 2014

Animal waste scourge prompts Bronx Park East Community Association to urge dog owners to curb their pets
Community group launches initiative to stop pet owners from letting dogs foul the sidewalks

They’ve adopted a no-can-doo-doo attitude in Bronx Park East.


Residents there are rallying against dog owners who are turning their neighborhood into a giant poop deck.


And we’re not exaggerating.


“It’s like a minefield here,” said Rosanna Foster, a resident and former president of a Barker Ave. co-op.


The problem has gotten so bad that a local community advocacy group has launched a pet-waste cleanup initiative to combat the piles of feces left strewn on the sidewalk.


Members of the Bronx Park East Community Association have put signs up around the area — especially in “poop hot spots” — reminding pet owners that no one likes stepping in their pets’ waste.


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