Conservation Voters of South Carolina

The mission of Conservation Voters of South Carolina is to make conservation and environmental issues a top priority among South Carolinas elected leaders, political candidates, and voters. Conservation Voters is the only nonpartisan, nonprofit statewide organization holding elected leaders directly accountable for a safe, clean and healthy South Carolina.

Governed by a 23 member Board of Directors including Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Conservation Voters is unique from other conservation organizations in our ability to make endorsements, contribute to candidate campaigns and communicate directly with voters about the need to elect the best conservation candidate in their district. Electoral activity is conducted through Conservation Voters Political Action Committee (PAC), which is supported by the members of Conservation Voters.

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Sustainable Midlands

The mission of Sustainable Midlands is to advocate, educate and celebrate solutions that balance the needs of the community, the environment and the economy. Sustainable Midlands is dedicated to:

  • Neighborhood design principles of New Urbanism
  • Transportation Planning
  • Working to Educate & Engage Our Citizens in Sustainable Practices
  • Smart Use and Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Local Food Production
  • Encourage a Buy Local Mentality
  • Promoting Alternative Energy & Energy Efficient Solutions

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Congaree Riverkeeper

Congaree Riverkeeper works to protect and improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and recreation on the Congaree, Lower Saluda and Lower Broad Rivers through advocacy, education and enforcement of environmental laws.

Congaree Riverkeeper’s advocacy efforts cover three different rivers in the Midlands of South Carolina and their tributaries. Our jurisdiction starts on the Broad River at the Parr Reservoir, and runs downstream approximately 28 miles where the Broad meets the Saluda River in Columbia. Our jurisdiction also includes a 12-mile stretch of the Saluda River from Lake Murray Dam, downstream to its confluence with the Broad River in Columbia to form the Congaree River. Our third river segment includes the entire Congaree River, which flows 50 miles from Columbia to the confluence with the Wateree River, near Lake Marion.

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