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Stafford County Sun: They answer when DoodyCalls

Around this time of the year, a particular local business is on the mind of many dog owners — DoodyCalls pooper scooper service. The business serves the local areas including Stafford, Fredericksburg and parts of Prince William County. Something that many people fail to realize is that dog waste is an environmental and...

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cities want extra year before starting stormwater programs

Starting this year, Virginia is requiring local governments to run programs to reduce pollution caused by rain, and the local stormwater-management programs would be more stringent than a similar program now run by the state Department of Environmental Quality. Worried about the costs and about whether they can have the...

Nashville Ledger: Entrepreneurs turn dog poop into profits

You’ve heard the expression, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Several Tennessee entrepreneurs are combining that cliché with another (with a slight modification) – “Poop happens” – and the result is that businessmen are turning droppings into dollars. Two pooper-scooper companies, both based in Rutherford County, are...

WACH-TV, FOX Columbia SC: Are you picking up what your pet is putting down?

Of course pollution is an ongoing issue, but one pollutant that transmits bacteria and parasites into our waterways, potentially effecting our health, might be overlooked. That pollutant is pet waste, and experts say it can create a problem when it is not disposed of properly...

Queens Courier: Astoria resident’s ‘Dog Poop Project’ tells owners to clean up

If your dog poops, please scoop. This is the message Astoria resident Jang Cho, an art director at a Manhattan advertising agency, hopes to get out with the creation of his “Dog Poop Project.”

Charlestown Patch: Piles of Processed Pooch Poop on Public Paths

Whenever more than 15,000 people of widely varying demographics call the same single square mile “home,” there are bound to be conflicts. Remarkably, Charlestown is consistently rated one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston. Nevertheless, one conflict stubbornly remains. I am of course referring to the errant medium-to-large sized piles of both fresh and...

Potomac Patch: DoodyCalls for Clean Yards in Potomac

It's the rare pet owner who will tell you he or she enjoys cleaning up after the dog. That's especially true if the owner has more than one dog with free rein of the yard. For those pet owners who need a little extra help when it comes to cleaning up after their pet...

The Washington Post: Cheverly leaders take steps to address problem with dog waste

After hearing complaints from residents for years about the problem, the Cheverly Town Council is proposing to install wastebaskets — complete with plastic bags that can be used for cleanup — throughout town.

New York Environmental Clean Water Organizations

Learn and get involved. Here's a list of organizations in New York working to keep your state's environment clean and healthy for all >>

SF Gate: Eco-friendly disposal of dog waste: bag or flush?

Experts say: Proper disposal of dog waste isn’t just about keeping streets and parks clean; it’s a minimum requirement for ensuring public health. Robert Reed, Recology’s public relations manager, points out that “when it rains, fecal waste from pets winds up in storm drains, creeks and eventually the bay.”
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