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Tails Magazine: Businesses Giving Back: The Doody-Free Water Project

We all know that unscooped poop is annoying, but did you know that it is also a huge environmental hazard? In communities throughout the nation, dog waste is seeping into water supplies and contaminating everything in its wake...

SF Bay Guardian: Less Fido Mess

Professional pooper-scooper company DoodyCalls has launched a contest to award Northern California parks and public spaces 250,000 free "doggie bags" for owners to clean up after their pets. Titling it the Doody Free Water Project, the company wants to build a movement to help keep contaminating waste out of run-off water. E. Coli no more!

San Mateo County Times: DoodyCalls participating in national campaign to keep dog waste out of local waterways

DoodyCalls in San Carlos, a pet waste removal and disposal service owned by Paulette and Rick Nava, is participating in a national campaign to keep dog waste out of local waterways by raising awareness about the impact the waste has on the environment.

Birmingham News: Red flags mean dog poop, and thats no joke in the Highland Park neighborhood

Birmingham News Joey Kennedy May 12, 2014 Give the members of Highland Park FIDO (Friends in Dog Ownership) a thumbs up for their effort to focus their neighborhood on a real problem: Dog poop. No, it might not be something people want to think about or talk about, but it is an issue people need

Inside NoVA: DoodyCalls sets sights on Northern Virginia dog poop

With sights set on raising awareness about the importance of pet waste pickup and expanding public access to pet waste bags, the new initiative is donating 250,000 pet waste bags to local dog parks and greenways across America in 2014, with Northern Virginia selected as a key focus area for the campaign.

Huffington Post: Apparently, More Than One Artist Is Bedazzling Dog Poo In New York City

The Huffington Post Inae Oh 05/20/2014 Decorated dog feces is apparently emerging as a new art form in Brooklyn and sparking a bit of a power struggle over who rightfully owns the peculiar medium. The turf war began yesterday after Instagram user Tom Dixon spotted a number of gold glitter-covered dog turds adorning

AP: Sioux Falls starts campaign against dog poop

Associated Press Staff Writers June 02, 2014 Sioux Falls is using $11,500 in federal, state and city money to persuade dog owners to do a better job cleaning up after their pets. The Argus Leader reports ( ) that the will money will pay for billboards, radio spots and other messaging to explain the

ABC Boston: Dog poop may be to blame for Rockland, Maine pollution

ABC Boston News Staff Jul 09, 2014 ROCKLAND, Maine —The levels of E. coli bacteria in the waters off Rocklands Snow Marine Park are sky high and officials think dog poop is the culprit. The citys pollution control director, Terry Pinto, says recent water quality testing by the town and the state found dangerously

CBS New York: North Hills, L.I. Approves Law Requiring Residents To Clean Up After Dogs On Own Property

CBS New York News Staff July 17, 2014 NORTH HILLS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The village of North Hills, Long Island, has approved a law requiring homeowners to clean up after their dogs – even on their own property. The North Hills mayor’s office confirmed to CBS 2 that the law passed Wednesday night by

Alaska Public Media: Fecal Bacteria Contaminates Many Anchorage Waterways

Alaska Public Media Joaquin Palomino July 25, 2014 Fecal pollution has many possible sources, such as leaking septic systems, homeless camps, and duck droppings. But Cherie Northon, executive director of the Anchorage Waterways Council, says the most common vector is probably dogs. “There are about 70,000 dogs in urban Anchorage,” she says. “Every dog is
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